The Spring Valley Farms Community Association 


The Spring Valley Farms Community Association is here to improve the quality of life in Spring Valley Farms as well as helping to protect you investment in your homes.  The SVFCA is run by a voluntary team who work hard to make Spring Valley Farms the best place to live in Altamonte Springs.


The annual dues of $315.00 are voluntary and the SVFCA is not a control board.  We won't tell you what color to paint your house or approve any construction or improvements.  You won't find anyone telling you off for leaving your garage open too long or banning the basketball court in your front driveway.  What we do however is look after the common areas, mow the grass and provide additional security.


What do you get for your $315.00?



Spring Valley Farms Trees Maintaining such a large community costs quite a lot of money.  We fund the mowing of all of the common areas which include the front entry, along the main road coming in as well as at the park and the rear common grounds.
We power the Street Lamps throughout the community which help both in character and functional street lighting. Spring Valley Farms Street Lamps
Security Camera Spring Valley Farms We provide additional security.  We have a camera at the entrance that records all vehicles entering and leaving the community which firstly acts as a deterrent to many opportunistic thieves, but has also provided recording of car theft which assisted the police in recovering the vehicles and tracking the criminals.
We pay the Seminole County Sheriff to provide additional patrols in the community and their frequent presence makes Spring Valley Farms one of the lowest crime rates in Altamonte Springs.  
 Spring Lake We maintain a Community Park which has leisure facilities, and access to Spring Lake. 
 We have a children's play park with a large collection of equipment, a volleyball court, basketball court and 2 tennis / pickleball courts. Spring Valley Farms Play Park
 A Pavilion that is available for rent for private parties for a small fee. Please visit the Pavillion Rental page for more information. (Only members will have access to this page.) Spring Valley Farms Pavilion 
A monthly Happy Hour on the 1st Friday of every month.  One of our neighbors open their home from 7pm to 9pm and we call gather to catch up, chew the cud and share a drink.  Each person brings their own drinks and an appetizer or dessert to share.  It's a great way to get to know your neighbors and have some fun at the same time. Happy Hour
  Several times a year we have social activities in the park.  This year we had a New Years Day party, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and a  Halloween party.  All members are welcome to attend any of these events where we serve food and drink, sometimes cooking, sometimes pizza but always a good time.
Maintain the Entrance with plantings and the sprinkler system  Spring Valley Farms